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Baracci, Martini

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The Baracci is an exceptional canyon near Propriano, where you'll find just about everything you could want from a descent: jumps, slides, vertical abseils, caves and a beautiful natural setting! The 1st part, concentrated and fun, often frequented by groups, continues into a more athletic and wild second part which ends on a 22m abseil in a narrow chimney generously sprinkled with water, and finishes in a beautiful emerald pool, all in all the best part of the descent. A must-do canyon.

Technical summary

Type ✦ Water canyon
Location ✦ Martini, Propriano
Region ✦ Corse du Sud
Country ✦ France
Length ✦ 4500m
Vertical rise ✦ 360m
Difficulty ✦ v3-a3-III
Max abseil ✦ 22m
Duration ✦ 6h to 7h
Interest ✦ ★★★

Access to the place

On the T40 road between Ajaccio and Propriano, turn onto the D257 which exits under the village of Olmeto. Further on, turn again onto the D757. It climbs, past Martini and further up, a sharp bend, park. Overlooking the canyon.

Itinerary description

Hiking to the start 5'

From the road, descend to the north and the path leads directly to the torrent bed.

Course 4h30 à 5h

The difference in altitude isn't that great, but the total distance is quite long if you complete the entire route. An exit is possible after the 1st section to Martini, but it would be a pity given the quality of the second. Numerous short abseils, sometimes avoidable by a jump or a slide, the highest of which is the final 22m. The equipment in place is very good throughout.

Part 1: Fun

A short, difficult 5m jump at the start, which is abseiled to swim up to abseil 1 (11m), followed by a swim under a large boulder to abseil 2 (11m), which has an incline and ends in a beautiful basin. Just after, abseil 3 (10m) with a possible slide. Then abseil 4 (10m), abseil 5 (9m, equipped with a zip-line) and abseil 6 (13m), which can be jumped without difficulty at different heights. Swim out and finish part 1.
Part 2: Sporting

The transition is fairly long, with some walking interspersed with small descents until you reach the 2 small abseils 7 (4m) and 8 (5m), short between narrow boulders and in the active. Here we come across the impressive teeth of the Baracci...

Further on, abseil 9, which is very wet and ends with a jump into a magnificent pool, and very soon afterwards, the final abseil 10 (22m), splendid in a narrow chimney and under a deluge of water! arrival in emerald water under the waves. End of obstacles. Back to the road.


Follow the stream with no real obstacles apart from 1 small jump, 1 small slide. Long but pleasant walk. We finally reach the Mare a Mare Sud trail after a large tourist basin. Climb to the right (red markings), steeply to exit and join the D757 road just above Burgo. Return by hitchhiking to the starting parking lot.

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