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Candelle & Devenson, Calanques de Marseille

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Magnificent calanques! This loop between Cassis and Marseille takes you through one of the wildest areas of the calanques, between cliffs and sea. On the way down, and on the way back via the crests, you'll pass by sculpted walls and impressive panoramas: Grande Candelle, Concave, Devenson cliffs, Castelvieil plateau and Cap Canaille. The itinerary is therefore magical, but includes a number of aerial passages, some well exposed, and a few sections equipped with chains. We pass under some incredible climbing areas suspended above the Big Blue. A 5-star way to discover the Calanques!

Technical summary

Type ✦ Equipped hike

Location ✦ Luminy

Region ✦ Calanques de Marseille

Country ✦ France

Length ✦ 13kms

Difference in altitude ✦ 520m

Difficulty ✦ D

Duration ✦ 4h to 5h

Interest ✦ ★★★

Access to the place

Go to Luminy, east of Marseille, and park in the parking lot for the Sugiton cove.

Itinerary description

Hiking to the start 30' à 40'

Walk along the stabilized path that climbs gently through the forest to the Col du Sugiton. Go straight on, leaving the path leading down to the Sugiton cove on your right, then pass the foot of the climbing area on the bend, in a bend (!). Continue until you pass a green metal barrier. Start of the trail.

Course 3h à 4h

The route follows small, signposted paths, and you need to be vigilant to follow the right one. The equipped passages are not hard, but after passing under the Concave, there are a few sections to negotiate on slightly unstable terrain and on the edge of the void.

This loop is perfect for winter climbing to avoid the summer heat.

Part 1: Grande Candelle and Concave

The smaller trail crosses over and gradually descends to the bottom of the cliffs above the waves. You can see the foothills of the Grande Candelle before passing underneath and catching a glimpse of the orange-brown area of the Concave, which, as its name suggests, is a rather improbable concave climbing wall.

As you approach, the path passes within a few metres of the water before climbing steeply up the opposite side. A little higher up is the passage de l'oeil de verre, a section that can be climbed without difficulty with a few chains. Finally, we pass under the Convave before passing it.

Part 2: Devenson cliffs and Cap Canaille

Once past the Concave, continue on the narrow path that crosses scree and then follows the steep relief at the top of the 1st cliffs above the water. Here you'll find 2 or 3 tricky passages, not hard but prone to falls.

The orange cliffs of Cap Canaille appear in the background. Here, in a natural gully, the path climbs northwards to reach the Col de Devenson. A steep ascent, with a section equipped with chains at the start.

At the pass, you can head even further east to reach a superb viewpoint of the Devenson cliffs and Cap Canaille at Grande Baume.

Part 3: The American promontory

Retrace your steps, cross the Col de Devenson and continue on to the crests. The trail is very well marked. It then descends to climb back up and pass the Col des Charbonniers. Continue on to the Col de la Candelle behind La Grande Candelle. From here, you have a view of the Vallon de l'Ours and the Sugiton calanque.

Then descend following the main path, which takes you on a long traverse over an airy balcony above the Promontoire des Américains. At the very end, there's a downhill corridor in a scree that joins the main route and the approach path below.


From the junction with the approach path, just before the bend, walk in the opposite direction to the start parking lot.

Map & topo

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