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Canal de l’Artiga alta, Montserrat

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A short trip to Vinya Nova, on the south face of Montserrat, to descend a small barranco on an equipped path, typical of the area: the Artiga Alta canal, which runs between the serrat de l'artiga Alta and the serrat del Pollegons, steep and open onto the plain and olive groves. In the process of being re-equipped, the route is moderately difficult, with long passages equipped with knotted ropes and/or chain that put quite a strain on the arms. It can also be climbed again (no abseiling required), but ideally makes a loop with the nearby ferrata de les Dames or canal de l'Artiga Baja.

50m de cordes dans les bras

Technical summary

Location ✦ Bruc
Region ✦ Montserrat, Catalunya
Country ✦ Spain
Diet ✦ aquatic
Vertical rise ✦ 70m
Difficulty ✦ v2-a3-III
Duration ✦ 3h to 3h30
Distance ✦ 1600m

Access to the place

From Barcelona, take the A2 towards Leida and exit at Bruc. Pass through the residential area and take the track leading to the Vinya Nova restaurant, where you can leave your car.

Itinerary description

Hiking to the start 30' à 40'

Follow the wide track due east towards Collbato and catch the path that goes off to the left towards the Clot de la Mónica (15′). Climb up to Col dels Pollegons. Leave the 1st fork in the road to San Joan on your right and continue through the undergrowth to finally wind up to an open ridge. You're now on the back of the Serrat de l'Artiga Alta. This is exactly where a small path leads downwards, opposite when you reach it, which begins the Artiga Alta canal.

Course 1h30 à 2h

The canyon is generally south-facing. The equipment in place is in progress at the bottom of the route, but the knotted ropes are solid at the top. No abseiling is required on this equipped route. An abseiling rope for safety is not useless.

Part 1

This is a series of gorges to be descended, or rather de-escalated, using large knotted ropes. 15m to start with on an almost vertical section, then a little further on an interminable gully of at least 50 meters, rather tetanizing, equipped with chains and ropes, but with a polished rock face and therefore little grip for the feet. Immediately afterwards, there's another narrow corridor to cross. There's no need for abseiling, as resting at the belay points will do the trick just fine. However, belays are provided just in case.
Part 2

Continue to follow the torrent bed through boulders and vegetation. A little further down, a steep descent with a rope can be avoided by going around it before turning right along the cliff to find the old equipment on an easier descent. Follow the path to the end of the canal. A right turn at the bottom brings you back to the intersection with the Dames ferrata. This is the end of the canal.


Continue downhill to the right to find the wide track that will take us from Vinya Nova to the start parking lot.

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