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Stromberg a la Gorra Frigia, Montserrat, Spain

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Montserrat, Sant Benet sector. Back to the imposing Gorra Frigia, which dominates the massif, but this time on its north-western slope, ideal for hot summer days (yes, it's still summer here on October 1st!). A very accessible route, pleasant and generously equipped with yellow-painted parabolts all along. 2 really interesting pitches, the 3rd with a V+ equipped with beautiful holds and the 5th for its 6a boulder pitch that warms up the forearms at the end of the route. The setting is brilliant, with a breathtaking panorama of the Sant-Benet area, and aerial views of La Prenyada, L'Elefant and La Momia. The approach is admittedly rather long, but well worth the detour despite the crowds on the wall.

Sommet de la Gorra

Technical summary

Access to the place

From Barcelona, take the A2 towards Leida and exit after El Bruc, at the hotel (before the tunnel). Once out of the tunnel, turn right immediately towards Manresa and Montserrat, winding up to Can Maçana and back along the north face. Pass the Santa Cecilia refuge and park just before the entrance to the Monastery parking lot (in a bend to the left).

Itinerary description

Hiking to the start 1h

It's possible to go through the Monastery, but it's best to avoid it by taking the Pou del Gat canal, which starts just before the parking lot. At the top, take the circular GR to the left and skirt the massif to the east as far as Pla del Ocells. From here, turn south to climb up to the Gorra Frigia (several itineraries possible). To reach the start of the route, climb up the small canal on the west side of the Gorra (not signposted, but fairly obvious). The start is a little higher up, with 2 or 3 yellowed parabolts that are easy to spot (if you don't find anything, you've gone too high...).


The route, opened in 1986, faces northwest and is 150m long in 5 pitches (30m, 25m, 35m, 20m, 25m). The equipment is very good (yellow parabolts), 14 quickdraws are required. No description this time, forgotten... But you just have to follow the nails, don't you?


From the summit, descend the via ferrata de la Gorra Frigia to the small pass between la Frigia and la Magdalena Superior. Head north down the canal to find the cami de sant Jeroni and follow the path in the opposite direction along the GR and the Pou del Gat canal.

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