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Travessa Agulles, Montserrat

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The traverse of the Agulles and Frares Encantats sectors to the west of Montserrat follows a fairly aerial route on a small trail equipped in places, making the walk fun and varied, but also quite challenging. Not too difficult climbs or de-climbs, sometimes with the aid of knotted ropes, chains or bars on the most difficult passages. The place is superb, wild and really little frequented, except by the Montserrat cabras that run along the walls. The route also offers superb plunging views of the north face and peaks over 250m high. The return journey along the GR under the large walls is equally spectacular, finishing under the Cadireta, the Ninja Turtle Head and the Roca Foradada, into which a wingsuiter had launched himself from the sky! All in all, a great way to discover the Montserrat massif.

Technical summary

Type ✦ Equipped hike

Location ✦ Monsterrat, Agulles area

Region ✦ Catalunya

Country ✦ Spain

Length ✦ 6.8km

Vertical drop ✦ 360m

Max altitude ✦ 1060m

Difficulty ✦ MD

Duration ✦ 4h to 5h

Interest ✦ ★★

Access to the place

From Barcelona, take the A2 towards Leida and exit after Le Bruc at the Grand Hôtel du Bruc (exit 572). Further on, turn right towards the monastery and climb up to the Col de Can Maçana, at the westernmost point of the Montserrat massif. Just before the pass, park at the parking lot, the starting point for the hike.

Itinerary description

Hiking to the start 30'

Take the G.R 172 towards Santa Cecilia via the cami de la Roca Foradada. Turn right at Coll de Guirlo (10-minute walk) to take the path leading to Col de la Portella, a natural gateway to the Cirque des Agulles and the Vicenç Barbé refuge. The markings are yellow and white. Just as you reach the pass, take the narrow path up to the left, marked in red paint. The traverse starts here.

Course 3h à 3h30'

The equipped path runs generally from west to east and is south-facing. It climbs and descends continuously, and some passages are equipped with ropes, chains or rungs. Equipment may be required, especially for beginners (harness, rope, cows, helmet). Existing ropes are often in poor condition.

Part 1: les Agulles (1h30′ to 1h45′)

The path follows the ridges to varying degrees, passing between or over rocky needles, winding through the woods using natural passages, passing several times on the edge of the void on the north face of Montserrat - beware of taking too many steps! Follow the red paint markings. We then descend to a pass, Portell d'Estret, which corresponds to the Ampla canal coming from the center of Les Agulles. Possible exit to the north to shorten the hike.

Part 2: Frares Encantats (1h15′ to 1h30′)

At Portell, descend a little via the Ampla canal, then immediately turn left again at the aiguille Barbé, where the path, sometimes quite broken up, is marked in blue this time (not obvious). The path continues to be equipped with knotted ropes or chains in some places, and rungs at the end. There are also a few climbing or de-escalating passages in III or IV. Be careful to stay on the ridge as a whole, and avoid the paths leading down to the south, especially below the Aiguille du Bisbe. We end up descending to the Col de Porc, with an aerial finish and a flight of bars to de-escalate. End of traverse.


You can enter from the north or south. The best option is from the north, descending to the left along the Cami de Coll de Porc, then turning right to join the GR which passes under the Cadireta before rejoining the approach path at the Col de Guirlo. From the south, turn right onto the yellow-and-white signposted path which passes through the interior, the Sant Barbé refuge and then returns to Coll de la Portella.

Map & topo

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