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Clue Terminet, Termes

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1st canyon of the season! In the heart of the Corbières, overlooked by the ruins of the Château de Termes, the Clue Terminet offers a varied, fun water course in a beautiful setting. Abseils, jumps, slides, siphons, grottoes, swimming pools - it's all there, and the added bonus is a superb recess of sculpted pink rock and a splendid final tufa waterfall. A descent to be made in May or June to find a good beginning of water that gives it all its character. Hopefully it won't be too crowded, given its accessibility and popularity in the area.

Entrée dans la galerie rose

Technical summary

Type ✦ Water canyon
Location ✦ Termes
Region ✦ Aude
Country ✦ France
Downhill length ✦ 400m
Vertical drop ✦ 60m
Difficulty ✦ v2-a4-II
Max abseiling ✦ 15m
Duration ✦ 1h30 to 2h
Interest ✦ ★★

Access to the place

The canyon lies just outside Termes, beneath its castle. Getting to Termes, wherever you're coming from (Limoux, Carcassone, Perpignan, Quillian), is a long and winding road. The official pay parking lot is at the bottom, near the exit (car 4€, motorcycle 2€).

Itinerary description

Hiking to the start 20'

From the parking lot, head up towards the village of Termes, either along the path through the forest (recommended in high season) or by road. Cross the 2 tunnels and then descend to the left to quickly find the torrent bed, the start of the canyon.

Course 1h à 1h30

Bring a 2x15m rope. All cascades are well equipped (2 chain points), but some belays require handrails for access. Depending on water level and flow, some jumps are possible, while the siphon becomes more challenging when the flow is high (as it is today). Be careful, however, as some of the smaller basins are not deep enough to jump into.

1st narrow

2 small 2m waterfalls to call back, then swim out into a small bief that forms a chicane.
Large waterfall

Walk a little in the torrent to reach the 8m waterfall on the left bank. Abseil or jump into a large pool.
The grotto

A short walk and you're at the entrance to a sort of grotto that lets the water cascade under the rock. There are 2 options here: either climb up the right bank and abseil 4 or 5m, or de-escalate to the left bank (a traverse step) and jump under to find yourself in an underground basin. Then a 2m abseil to exit the cave.
Pink corridor

A little more aquatic walking, a few minutes to discover an aquatic passage under a roof on which you can try your hand at climbing. And just then, the central section begins: a long, narrow passage in beautifully sculpted pink rock.

A 4m abseil on the right bank at the roof's exit to either descend into the mini-basin giving access to the siphon (conditions permitting), or shunt the siphon and descend immediately afterwards.

Continue swimming or walking between the pink rock. Further on, a bend, a mini-corridor on a water-laden floor leads to an opening, then another chicane to swim out. End of the pink granite section.
Final waterfall

After a bit of water-walking, you come to the final obstacle. You can either slide over this waterfall (4m incline), jump to the right bank (4/5m) or jump higher to the left bank. Swim out. A short walk remains to reach the edge of the tufa cascades that mark the end of the canyon.


Exit to the right at the tufa waterfalls. The climb is equipped with a handrail. Follow the right bank of the torrent before crossing it. Follow the signs and you'll be back at the parking lot in just a few minutes.

Map & topo

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