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Cala Domestica

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After exploring the east coast of Sardinia, in particular the Gulf of Orosei, we took a short trip to Cala Domestica. We then headed west to Buggeru, where there are also some great hikes to be had in an equally wild and perhaps less crowded setting. From Buggeru, by combining several local hiking trails, you can reach Cala Domestica, a very beautiful cove despite being very busy in summer, making a loop to return to Buggeru by the coast (on the last leg of the Miniere Nel Blu). An easy hike, with an obvious itinerary and lovely views of the sea, as blue as ever.

Cala Domestica

Technical summary

Access to the place

Drive into the village of Buggeru and park below in a small square with cafés and a fountain.

Itinerary description

Hiking to the start 10'

From the village of Buggeru, follow the SP83 road south towards Masua and Nebida. As you leave the village, turn left uphill and you'll see a trailhead with an information panel.


There's nothing difficult about this hike, apart from taking the right fork in the road back down to Cala Domestica. But the wooden signs help you find your way. Don't forget to bring plenty of water if it's summer, as it's very hot and there are no refreshment points.

The trek can be divided into 3 parts:

Part 1 (50′)

The path marked with white and red stripes twists and turns upwards and you soon have a view of Buggeru. We pass through abandoned villages to finally reach the large antenna placed at the summit.

Part 2 (45′)

Continue on the main trail and pass over a closed gate. Head downhill on trail 306 to join trail 302. After a few bends, you come across path 301 to Cala Domestica, which follows a sort of gully. At the bottom, it's flat, passing through pine trees until you cross the SP83 road.

Part 3 (30′)

Cross the road and simply follow the path along the road to La Cala. Once there, you can climb up on the left-hand side to see an ancient stone tower and a lovely viewpoint over the coast. There are even mini coves accessible for swimming, with a little de-escalading (it's always better than the crowded beach).


Return to the beach and cross to the opposite side to pass through a small tunnel in the rock to reach a second, narrower cala. Continue to the far end and follow the red-and-white path. Then just follow "Galleria Henry" to cross a large plateau. You arrive at the top of Buggeru, then descend to the small village square where you left your car.

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