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Roche Verre Bouteille, Dos d’Âne

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Roche Verre Bouteille is a short loop offering incredible panoramic views over the Rivière des Galets valley and the entrance to the cirque de Mafate. Although not very difficult, the path is equipped in places with ladders and lifelines to ensure safe progress along the rock face. The view from Cap Noir is exceptional and, despite the overcast skies and the rain that will accompany us from the summit, we were lucky enough to be able to admire this unique site under original lighting that highlights its colors and relief. The return via the ridge from Roche Vert Bouteille had been closed for the time being, but in fact it's just a 5m-long collapse in the path halfway down, which presents no real difficulty in overcoming it. A beautiful walk, accessible and therefore very popular. Prefer weekdays to weekends for greater peace and quiet.

Technical summary

Type ✦ Equipped hike

Location ✦ Dos d'Âne

Region ✦ La Possession

Country ✦ La Réunion

Elevation gain ✦ 245m

Difficulty ✦ F

Duration ✦ 1h30 to 2h

Interest ✦ ★★

Access to the place

From the Route des Tamarins, climb towards Rivière des Galets and Dos d'Âne. A dozen kilometers of ascent to reach the village of Dos d'Âne at around 1000m altitude. From here, follow the Chemin du Cap Noir and park at the end of the road in the parking lot.

Map & topo

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Itinerary description

Hiking to the start 0'

Immediately, as the ascent starts from the parking lot.


A short and very accessible hike, equipped with small ladders and lifelines, with no real difficulty. Be careful on the descent via the ridge in wet weather, as the rocks on the ground are slippery and muddy. Roche Verre Bouteille culminates at 1235m.

Part 1: Cap Noir (15′)

Climb the stairs from the parking lot and above continue to the right (the path arriving on the left is the return path). You cross more than you climb, and soon enough you start to catch a glimpse of the Rivière des galets almost 1000m below. After an easy fifteen minutes or so, you arrive at Cap Noir, a small promontory that forms a bend in the wall and dominates the entire entrance to the cirque de Mafate. An exceptional panorama!
Part 2: Roche Verre Bouteille

Continue along the path that heads a little further into the mountain. It climbs upwards at times, with a few ladders and a few gentle switchbacks. After 2 large final switchbacks, you reach Roche Verre Bouteille, a kind of large monolith dominating the valley at 1235m.


From Roche Verre Bouteille, continue upwards. The path joins the ridge and climbs gently again to pass the summit, then starts the fairly steep descent, equipped with wooden steps and 2 or 3 small ladders without difficulty. After about 30′, you reach the ascent path, just above the parking lot.

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