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La directissima, ferrata at Roc del Quer, Canillo

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Located just above the small village of Canillo in Andorra, the via ferrata climbs a pyramid-shaped cliff in a virtually straight line to the summit, hence its name: the Directisima. Despite the proximity of the town and the presence of the road beneath your feet, the mountain scenery is splendid, and as you gradually ascend, you can see the surrounding peaks. The difficulty of the route lies mainly in the very vertical central section, with a slight overhang to overcome and 2 very aerial traverses. Finish at the mirador overlooking the valley.

Passage aérien et très vertical de la ferrata

Technical summary

■ S tarting point: route d'Ordino, Canillo, Andorra
Type of route: via ferrata
■ Direction: west
Fitted length: 500m
Vertical rise: +350 m
Estimated total time: 2h to 2h30
■ Min and max altitude: 1560 m / 1910 m
Equipment in place: generous, rungs and a few climbing holds
Equipment required: classic gear

Difficulty: K4 or D, only the central section is difficult, with a small overhang and 2 aerial traverses.

Access to the place

From Canillo. In the village, take the road up to Ordino (left from Spain, right from France). Pass the first hairpin bend, then follow the wall where the ferrata starts (information sign and first rungs). Parking is not very practical. You can either park in the small parking lot a little further up on the right, or find a space on the lower slope. Last option: leave the car in the village and walk up the hill.

Itinerary description

Hiking to the start 2'

None, since the ferrata starts at the roadside. Otherwise, it's just a few minutes from where you left the car. This is an advantage, but also a disadvantage, as you're constantly climbing with a view of the roads and the city.

Course 1h30

Part 1: Getting started

Start with a series of rungs to cross the large protective iron gates. The route is fairly straight, with a series of small equipped slabs leading to a small sloping plateau. Follow the path and climb with the help of a rope to the foot of a more impressive reddish-ochre wall.
Part 2: the difficulties

This is the most difficult part of the ferrata. We climb a vertical slab to come to a position under an overhanging boulder. At this point, you have to cross to the left, overcome the slight overhang and then cross to the right again to continue and exit higher up. There's a lot of gas, but everything is very well equipped.
Part 3: the exit

We join a path that skims the cliff and climbs at an angle, this time to the left, to finally reach the Roc del Quer viewpoint.


From the summit and the viewpoint, take a path that comes out at the back and turn right to return almost to the starting point. The path is fairly steep, rocky and equipped with ropes in places. Alternatively, halfway down the descent, you'll come to the finish of the Canal de Mora ferrata, which you can then unclimb.

Map & topo

Access and via ferrata routes are indicative only.

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