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Playa de los Genoveses to playa de Mónsul via the creeks, Cabo de Gata



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Extraordinary hiking in Cabo de Gata. From the playa de los Genoveses, the route hugs the cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean, either from above on suspended paths or from below with your feet in the water along the base of the cliffs. This is where you'll discover the richness of Cabo de Gata's geological formations, sculpted sedimentary rocks in white, grey or orange hues. Inaccessible except by these steep itineraries, the small coves between the two long beaches are untouched, and you feel like Robinson treading the shores of a desert island. The arrival over the ridges at playa de Mónsul is superb, in the setting used for the filming ofIndiana Jones and the Last Crusade. From postcard to postcard, this is probably one of the most beautiful hikes to be made in Cabo de Gata, at least out of season.

Technical summary

Beware, there are 2 passages at the foot of the cliffs between the Calas where, depending on the tide, you can walk in the water, more or less. Check tide times and coefficients to avoid being forced to swim...

Departure point: Parking de la playa de los Genoveses, San Jose, Cabo de Gata, Andalusia, Spain
Type of route: coastal loop hike
Distance: 7 km
Cumulative elevation gain: +125 m
Cumulative negative elevation gain: -125 m
Estimated total time: 2h to 3h
■ Min and max altitude: 0 m / 75 m
Markings: in places, white and blue markings are discreet and widely spaced, but the trails are clearly visible.
Equipment in place: none
Equipment required: useful GPS trace

Difficulties: some steeper sections or rocky slopes, narrow or steep sections.

Access to the place

Go to San Jose, south of Cabo de Gata Natural Park, east of Almeria. Follow the signs for playa de Genoveses and playa de Monsul. The road becomes a track, and there is also an entrance fee for this area, probably applicable in summer (open and free when we passed through in January). Drive along the track and turn left to reach the parking lot at playa de los Genoveses. Alternatively, you can drive to playa de Monsul on the track that continues, and return on foot.

Itinerary description


Part 1: From Playa de los Genoveses to Cala Chica

Descend the path to tread the playa de los Genoveses and climb southwards towards the small summit that closes the bay, the Morón de los Genoveses. At the end, a path leads up to a flat area at the foot of the Morrón. You can return to this summit for a superb view of the bay to the north and, to the south-west, a glimpse of the colourful cliffs that begin the route along the sea.

From the summit, follow the narrow path that rises above the Cala de los Amarillos to pass over a shoulder that gives access to a south-facing slope. Descend on the clearly visible path, cross a new ridge and continue across, staying high up. The Cala Principe can be seen further down. The path descends and climbs straight back up without reaching the sand. Further up, you reach a ridge on which you walk a little before descending to Cala Chica.
Part 2: from Cala Chica to Cala Grande

Walk along the sand to the western end of the beach, where the sea meets the cliffs. This is where the most exciting part of the hike begins, Robinson atmosphere guaranteed. Walk along the base of the sculpted white cliffs, with your feet almost in the water, but without difficulty, between the large boulders lying there. You soon come out on the cala Grande, which is longer than its neighbor and offers some wonderful discoveries: exceptional geological formations of folded volcanic rock, forming hexagonal columns clustered in different directions. Cross the entire beach, and in the second section you can see shelters under the rocks, built for shelter or bivouacs (?).
Part 3: Cala Grande to Playa de Mónsul

Exit Cala Grande at the top, up a fairly steep path, then continue up the small calas visible on the left. Continue as far to the left as possible, with a crossing section on a rocky slope sloping towards the sea. Pass over the playa del Barronal and head further south-west. We pass a final rounded summit to discover at our feet the immense playa de Mónsul and its enormous rocky outcrop on the shore, known as Peineta del Mónsul (Monsul's comb).
Part 4: inland return from playa de Mónsul to playa de los Genoveses

Exit playa de Mónsul to the north and take the path that returns to the northeast along the carriage trail. You return inland, and further on, the path joins the track, which you then leave to return quickly and easily to the playa de los Genoveses parking lot.

Map & topo

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