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Punta Giradili

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The route to Punta Giradili is magnificent from every point of view: a varied itinerary, splendid views of the Golfo di Orosei, its sheer cliffs overlooking turquoise-water coves, a wild and aerial trail, perhaps the best in Sardinia. The route is the 1st stage of the Selvaggio Blu, the 6-day trek that crosses the entire Gulf of Orosei from south to north. Setting off from Santa Maria de Narrese, the route follows the coastline for a while, passing through Pedra Longa before climbing under Punta Giradili via a natural passage that doesn't look so obvious from the bottom... but it's not too difficult, apart from a steep climb to the summit. The 700 or 800m of cliffs are very impressive, both from the bottom, with some great climbing routes that must be fabulous, and from the summit, which is quite narrow and overlooks the wild coast from north to south.

Technical summary

Access to the place

Once in the village of Santa Maria Navarrese, go to the upper part, above the small port, to the Il Pozzo restaurant, where you can park (same departure point as the Monte Oro hike).

Itinerary description

Hiking to the start 10'

From the restaurant, take Via Pedra Longa, which runs uphill from the restaurant. Follow it to reach the Bella Vista restaurant at the end. Go behind it to find the start with a large signpost and a shepherd's gate.


The reference guide used is Rother's Sardinia hiking guide. The indications are precise (sometimes so detailed that you get lost, but a sketch may suffice).

The difficulty lies mainly in the steep central ascent from the foot of the Punta to the Di Golgo plateau, and eventually in orientation on the final stretch to the summit. The marking is a bit messy and haphazard, which is characteristic of the area, with blue dots (Selvaggio Blu), red dots and cairns appearing illogically in places (many at once, then nothing).

However, the route is fairly straightforward, as the natural passages don't leave much choice. Times are indicative, but allow at least 4/5 hours to reach the summit of Punta Giradili from the start.

Section 1: to the foot of Punta Giradili (1h30)

Follow the path that crosses over the cliffs and coast into the scrubland as far as Pedra Longa, with short ascents and descents. At Pedra Longa, take the path above in front of the orange electricity house. Continue through the scrubland until you reach the Punta. At this point, turn left (cairn in place as we couldn't find it at first) and climb steeply up short switchbacks towards the base of the Punta.

The path, with a few easy climbing sections, joins a wide ramp at mid-height which skims the base of the rock from the left (not very visible from below). Continue without difficulty, with incredible views over Pedra Longa. At the end, you come to some wooden huts and shepherd's houses, exit through a small gate and join a wide track.

Part 2: Punta Giradili (2h30)

Continue along the track until you come to the main track, which you climb to the left for about 250m and find the path that goes off to the right (cairn). Follow this narrow path marked with blue dots or cairns to finish on the ridge up to the point. It's aerial and moderately marked, but obvious as you can see the ridge.


Take the opposite path from Punta Giradili to the track (not obvious as the markings are confusing) and then take the main track on the left. It's a long way down, then back up through the woods. Stay on the main track, leaving the side tracks. After a while, you come to another track with a pond on the left.

Turn left here to join the asphalt road ahead. 3 km of road remain to reach Baunei below. From the village center, catch an ARST bus (if you're lucky), ticket to be bought at the bar next to the stop to return to Santa Maria Navarrese (otherwise stop as it's 9 kms).

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