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Ferrata du Boffi, Montpellier-le-Vieux

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Traced on the cliffs overlooking the Dourbie valley, the Boffi ferrata offers aerial courses overlooking the Dourbie valley, with the town of Millau and the huge viaduct elegantly spanning the Tarn valley in the background. There are 2 possible routes: a short, less-difficult one and a very-difficult parallel one a little lower down, both ending with an optional sequence of 2 spectacular zip lines. The TD we tested consisted of a traverse above the void, with a number of slightly overhanging sections, and in the middle of the course an impressive metal net to climb suspended in the void, also optional. The equipment in place is perfect, and with shortcuts and junctions between the 2 courses, you can enjoy the experience in complete safety. Not to mention the presence of dozens of impressive griffon vultures, circling and circling alongside us, our partners for the day.

Passerelle finale au dessus de la vallée de la Dourbie

Technical summary

Please note: access to the via ferrata is forbidden between March 15 and June 15 due to the nesting of birds of prey.

The data below corresponds to the difficult route.

Departure point: Montpellier-le-Vieux, Millau, Aveyron (12)
Course type: via ferrata with optional zip lines
Orientation: west and south
Length: 800 m
Vertical rise: +80 m
Estimated total time: 2h to 2h30
■ Min and max altitude: 750 m / 840 m
Equipment in place: rungs, pedals, an optional large net, 1 beam, short overhanging sections, 2 large final zip lines, one of which can be avoided by a large footbridge.
Equipment to be provided: classic equipment, double pulley.

Difficulties: yellow course PD or K3, red course D+ or K4+.

Access to the place

From Millau, head for Montpellier-le-Vieux on the D110, which winds its way up to the Causse Noir plateau. 5km before Montpellier-le-Vieux, take a track on the right, with a sign indicating the ferrata and climbing areas. 5 minutes to the end, park before the forest fence.

Itinerary description

Hiking to the start 15'

Continue on the main track, which descends, climbs, descends again and then turns off at a sign indicating the ferrata. It ends on a small path that joins the edge of the cliffs where the 2 routes start.

Course 1h à 2h

Here is a description of route D in red on the guidebook.

1st part

It starts with a small footbridge, after which you find the junction between the 2 routes. Descend for the red route (D) and you're soon on the big wall. This is the start of the big traverse, with a great sense of emptiness. Progress is almost horizontal, with generous equipment (rungs, small pedals). In places, it's slightly overhanging, but the sections aren't too long. It's more impressive than really difficult. Eventually you reach the large net, which you can avoid by going straight ahead on a section that's a little overhanging at first. After that, the traverse continues slightly uphill, passing 2 small monkey bridges before climbing vertically again. At this point, you can either take the wooden beam for a hook with a small overhang, or go straight out to reach the first summit. After a short walk, you join the yellow route for a few easy steps up to the main summit.
2nd part

Common to both routes, this simply involves linking 2 large zip lines (75m and 90m). The 1st zip line can be avoided by crossing the superb footbridge below. The second is optional, as you can leave the course beforehand.


From the end of the 1st zip line or the second, a path leads back to the main approach trail in just a few minutes. Return via the approach path.

Map & topo

The route of the via ferrata and the return are indicative.

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