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Les Corniches du Causse Méjean, Le Rozier

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The Corniches du Causse Méjean trail is a popular local classic, offering spectacular aerial views and plunges over the Gorges du Tarn and Gorges de la Jonte, while dozens of griffon vultures, the absolute masters of the area, take an even more aerial view of the cliffs. Departing from Le Rozier, the hike forms a loop on the south-western edge of the Causse Méjean, taking in balcony paths that in places come very close to the void. Views of the Roche décollée and the Vases de Sèvres and de Chine on the second part of the loop round off this beautiful route. We were even lucky enough to observe a young black vulture a few weeks away from its first flight, a rare occurrence in the area but made possible by the absence of walkers for weeks during the confinement...

Les vases de Chine et de Sèvres, posés au-dessus des Gorges de la Jonte

Technical summary

Departure point: Le Rozier, Millau, Gorges du Tarn, Gorges de la Jonte, Lozère (48)
Type of route: mid-mountain loop hike
Distance: 10.7 km
Cumulative elevation gain: +560 m
Cumulative negative altitude gain: -560 m
Estimated total time: 3h to 3h30
■ Min and max altitude: 410 m / 850 m
■ S ignposting: combination of trails marked in yellow (PR)
Equipment: none
Equipment required: useful GPS track

Difficulties: no real difficulties apart from the vertigo trail on the Jonte side, which is impressive, but protected on the most aerial sections.

Access to the place

From Millau, head north towards the Tarn Gorge. Cross the Tarn to enter and park in the village of Le Rozier, the starting point of the hike.

Itinerary description


The route forms a loop, passing over the Tarn gorges on the north-west side, then crossing the Causse Méjean to return on the south side via the vertigo trail over the Jonte gorges. Everything is perfectly signposted and marked out in yellow.

In the village, take the D996 towards Meyrueis. The Cornichons path starts on the left between 2 houses, on a path with small steps, signposted Capluc and Corniches de Méjean, yellow markings. 10 minutes steep to cross the road above, then walk along the road for a little longer, which turns into a track. The path then climbs again to pass under the Capluc rock. From here, continue straight ahead, crossing the rock before winding your way up through the forest. After a good hour, you reach the start of the loop. Turn left to hike clockwise. Return to the right (Jonte side).

Part 1: above the Gorges du Tarn

From the start of the loop, the path climbs just a little more, before quickly switching to the north-west. This is the start of a balcony itinerary, often under vegetation, but with plenty of opportunities to step out onto the small rocky platforms that dominate the valley, offering exceptional views. Pass under the imposing Francbouteille rock, shaped like a large rounded head. We then follow the relief across the valley, passing within 20m of a water source, the Fontaine de Teil. Behind it, the path rises a little and turns 90° to begin crossing the Causse.
Transition: crossing the Causse Méjean

The wide path descends into the pine forest, then crosses almost flat to reach the opposite edge. The Jonte valley gradually opens up to the south.
Part 2: above the Jonte Gorges

This second part is more impressive. The path gradually comes closer to the edge of the void to literally overlook the Gorges. The views are superb, vertiginous, with vultures evolving before our very eyes. At the halfway point, the trail heads back inland, passing under some surprising rock formations, then descending through small corridors to land on the viewpoint of the hike: the perspective of the 2 vases resting above the void (presentation photo). Continue, eventually approaching the base of the Sèvre vase for a new panorama of the cliffs. Finally, the trail climbs back up a little, before descending again to reach the end of the loop.

Return to Le Rozier (45'): retrace your steps, pass under the Capluc rock and descend to the village of Le Rozier, either on the same path as the approach or following the GR on the right to avoid the road.

Map & topo

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