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Serra de les Canals, Oliana, Alt Urgell

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New via ferrata in the spectacular setting of Alt Urgell. Above Oliana, the Serra de les Canals climbs up the south face of the Roc de les Tres Creus to offer exceptional aerial and panoramic views of the Pantano d'Oliana and the great orange walls above. An initial introductory section (K2) to access the ridge, followed by a more demanding, aerial and sporting option to reach the summit (K4). The 3rd part, which consists of traversing the ridges from east to west to find the way back, is also part of the show, with impressive views of both the edge and south slopes. A fine achievement, just a few kilometers from its equally recent neighbor, the Roca Narieda (K4), and to forget the exceptional Regina, whose renovation project seems to have been definitively abandoned.

Sur la passerelle au départ de la section sportive

Technical summary

■ S tarting point: route d'Anoves, Oliana, Alt Urgell, Catalunya, Spain
Type of route: via ferrata with an initial easy section (K2) and an optional difficult section (K3/K4)
■ Direction: south
Fitted length: 120m (K2) + 150m (K4)
Positive vertical drop: + m
Estimated total time: 1h30 to 2h
■ Min and max altitude: m / 800 m
Equipment in place: rungs (sometimes quite far apart), chains, 1 footbridge and 1 Nepalese bridge (construction 2020)
Equipment required: standard equipment

Difficulties: K3 except for the start in K4 (overhang to be crossed with rungs quite far apart) and the final traverse below the K3+ summit (slightly overhanging and very aerial). Sustained and very vertical.

Access to the place

At Oliana, on the C14, head north towards Seu d'Urgell. On leaving the town, turn right towards Les Anoves. Follow and climb the small road, at the 1st Y fork turn right and further up, park in a small parking lot on the right of the road. Opposite is the ferrata information panel.

Itinerary description

Hiking to the start 15'

Cross the road and take the path up to the left of the information panel. It climbs quite steeply through the undergrowth to cross to the east at the base of rocky slabs. At the end, you descend a little to find the start of the initiation section and its long series of aligned rungs.

Course 1h à 1h30

Part 1: introductory section (K1/K2, 15' to 20')

The aim is to climb up a series of rounded, inclined slabs in an almost straight line, following the countless rungs lined up to form a veritable railroad. It's quite monotonous, but you can use chains in places to straighten up a little. The section ends on the ridge where, on the left, a much more vertical wall forms the top of the Roc de les Tres Creus. You can escape here by heading back east along the ridge. We'll come back to it on the way down from the summit at the end of the sporting section.
2nd part: sports section (K4, 45' to 1h)

Cross to the west on a ledge, skirting the base of the upper wall. There's a passage equipped with a chain and you're soon at the start of the difficulties.

This is the most difficult passage (K4), in the middle of a bulge and with the rungs quite far apart, it's a good pull on the arm. Once past this obstacle, climb vertically up to the footbridge, taking care not to get tangled between the lifeline and the support cable.

On the other side of the footbridge, exit above the void to tackle a very vertical but less demanding pitch (K3), then exit onto an inclined area which we cross to finally climb onto the Nepalese bridge. The crabbed crossing is easy but aerial.

Then comes the final section, another fine vertical pitch (K3) and a short, slightly overhanging traverse below the summit (K3+) to finish and reach the cross overlooking the Oliana valley to the south and the reservoir to the north. The view is incredible!
3rd part: the ridges (K1/K2, 15' to 20')

The view is spectacular, with both sides in view and the long, undulating ridge stretching aesthetically to the east, losing itself in dense, wild forests.

The part that corresponds to the sports section alternates ridge walking and de-escalation with rungs, on the northern slope, to quickly reach the junction between the end of the initiation section and the beginning of the sports section. Then continue eastwards on the ridge, walking easily but for a long time, until you find the access to the chains for the descent.


Unclimb the sloping lower slabs using long chains, and you'll find yourself further down on the woodland path which soon returns to the road and the starting point.

Map & topo

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