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Roques de Sant Honorat and Ruta del Corb, Peramola, Alt Urgell

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The ascent from Can Boix des Roques de Sant Honorat offers incredible panoramic views over the Segre valley and Lac d'Oliana, while the route del Corb offers a mineral exploration of the small massif, traversing a series of rocky ledges at the foot of imposing needles of sculpted pudding. In short, this is a beautiful, varied and spectacular hike, which can be completed with more time by climbing the aiguille or Roc del Corb. Although the distance and altitude difference are reasonable, the route requires attention, with many fairly aerial passages, sometimes on the side of the wall, but without any real technical difficulty. Another hiking option in the area, completing the Roc del Rombau loop, Roques de Sant Honorat and the little church of Castell Llebre.

Sur les vires de la route del Corb, au pied des aiguilles

Technical summary

Departure point: Hotel Can Boix, Peramola, Oliana, Alt Urgell, Catalunya, Spain
Type of route: mid-mountain loop hike
Distance: 10 km
Cumulative elevation gain: +680 m
Cumulative negative altitude gain: -680 m
Estimated total time: 3h to 4h
■ Min and max altitude: 570 m / 1067 m
Beaconing: none. Directional indications at junctions.
Equipment in place: a few chains on the route del Corb switchbacks.
Equipment required: GPS track

Difficulties: long switchbacks on rock, some aerial passages.

Access to the place

On the C14 between Oliana and Organya, turn just before the dam towards Trago and Peramola. Follow the narrow road towards Peramola and before the village, turn 90° right towards Can Boix. You're almost opposite the imposing Roc del Rombau. Park on the right just before the hotel entrance.

Itinerary description


Part 1: Roques de Sant Honorat (1067m, 1h to 1h30)

Walk along the road towards the hotel and cross it straight on. On the other side, the path leads straight into the small gorge. This is where the path forks off to the right from the Aiguille del Corb (return route).

Follow the narrow path upstream along a dry torrent, the torrent de la Font Viva. At the 1st fork in the road, turn right towards Roc del Rombau and Sant Honorat. The undergrowth path climbs gently, then passes beneath an impressive orange vault. Further on, make a large S and climb steeper, gradually emerging from the undergrowth. There are fine views of the valley to the south. You'll then come to the crossroads where you'll return after Les Roques de Sant Honorat.

Go straight up, walking on the conglomerate rock slab to the Sant Honorat pass on the ridge. Leave the path to the right towards Roc del Rombau and descend a little to the left towards Sant Honorat. The trail climbs back up to a sign pointing to the Mirador. This part of the trail is not very visible in places, particularly when crossing rocky slabs. The path climbs until it crosses the ruins of an old hermitage and opens out onto a grassy plateau. Cross straight on, and you'll see the promontory of the Roques de Sant Honorat and the first panoramic views over the Segre valley.

Follow the narrow path that runs alongside the new ruins and walk up to the promontory, which extends far enough to overlook and dominate the entire valley. Exceptional views!
Part 2: Ruta del Corb (1h)

Retrace your steps to the crossroads below the Sant Honorat pass. This time, head off in the direction of Corb. The path begins a long, almost horizontal traverse that follows the curves of the landscape. After a 1st ridge crossing, you return to the undergrowth. At the second ridge, the path becomes totally rocky and we follow a ledge on the lower edges of the base of the large conglomerate needles. It's like being in Montserrat! The route drops down to cross a small dry stream, the barranc de Sant Honorat, then continues on the other side, still on sloping ledges at the edge of the gorge. Further on, in a bend, you come to the very long Roca Llarga, which forms an imposing outcrop to the east. Follow the switchbacks along the wall to the foot of the Roca Llarga head.

From here, descend towards Roca del Corb, just opposite, via Col de Mur. Climbing up a little and entering the forest, you'll find the fork on the right to return to the starting point (trail).
3rd part: return to the parking lot (45' to 1h)

Descend the track into the undergrowth. A little further down, in the big bend below l'Agulla del Corb, the view of the Sant Honorat massif and the path we've just taken is spectacular. Due to lack of time, we were unable to climb either the Roc del Corb or the Agulla del Corb, which should offer an even more aerial view of the massif (option in violet).

Further on, pass under the characteristic needle, then in front of the path leading to the Forat del Corb. Continue south on the main track, keeping an eye out for the fork on the left that leads to the Hotel Can Boix.

Map & topo

In purple, the 2 options for climbing Roc del Corb or Agulla del Corb. Voir en plein écran



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