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Roques de Sant Honorat, Peramola

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In the superb setting of the Segre valley above Oliana, the route leads to 3 viewpoints: the Roques de Sant Honorat, the Roc del Rombau ridge and the Castell Llebre church. It's an easy loop, ideal for exploring the area before heading straight for a dip in the lake, given the summer heat here. Vultures criss-cross the sky, watching over us as we glide majestically along the thermal currents. An accessible and varied route, suitable for all seasons, on the road to the Catalan Pyrenees and Andorra. Other routes are possible in the same massif, including the equally impressive mirador del Roc del Corb.

Vue aérienne depuis la plateforme de Sant Honorat

Technical summary

Type ✦ Hiking
Location ✦ Peramola
Region ✦ Alt Urgell, Catalunya
Country ✦ Spain
Max altitude ✦ 1038m
Distance ✦ 9.6km
Vertical drop ✦ 495m
Difficulty ✦ E3 / T3 / R2
Duration ✦ 3h to 4h
Interest ✦ ★★

Access to the place

On the C14 road between Ponts and the Seu d'Urgell, north of Oliana, where the road crosses the Segre, turn off onto the LV-5118 towards Trago and Peramola. Further on, leave Trago and continue towards Peramola. Then turn off towards Horta Can Boix. You'll be facing the impressive south face of Roc del Rombau. At the very end, at the entrance to the inn/hotel, park immediately on the track that descends to the right.

Itinerary description

Hiking to the start 2'

From the parking lot, cross alongside the Can Boix inn and behind it, the trail to the Roques de Sant Honorat begins.

Course 2h30 à 3h30

The loop follows a combination of well-marked trails, but the signposting is strangely absent. Only a few small posts or signposts are present at the main junctions. There's little technical difficulty, but the slope of the track leading to Roc del Rombau and then to Castell Llebre is steep and slippery. There are also a few short crossings on slabs of inclined rock. Last but not least: the heat. Make sure you bring plenty of water and sun protection in hot weather, as there are no refreshments en route.

Part 1: Roques de Sant Honorat (1h30 to 2h)

Follow the track into the small canyon alongside a dry stream. The track soon becomes a path. At times you'll find yourself in the undergrowth, and it's barely uphill until you reach the 1st fork in the road. Here, leave the left-hand path to Font Viva and climb to the right through the forest towards Rombau and Sant Honorat. This time the path climbs steeper, passing close to small conglomerate grey cliffs. Keep going for a while and you'll come to the Coll de Sant Honorat. On the right is the track to Roc del Rombau, so turn left to Sant Honorat. The track descends a little, with the first views of the valley to the north. It climbs again to reach a small stele with a map showing the route to the Sant Honorat viewpoint.

Take the little path that climbs up and follow it carefully, as in places it is poorly marked. There are a few cairns. Cross slabs on rounded ledges. The path then passes between the first ruins of a building to arrive above it on a grassy flat before reaching the ruins of the Sant Honorat hermitage. Follow the path past them to reach the rocky ramp heading north. It ends on an exceptional panoramic platform with aerial views over the valley, Lac d'Oliana and the Pyrenees.
Part 2: Roc del Rombau (30')

Retrace your steps as far as Coll de Sant Honorat, this time following the trail to Roc el Rombau. It descends steeply for around 100m, with slippery stony terrain. Then it climbs again. Leave the fork to Castell Lebbre and continue due south up the track that leads to the beautiful pirador on the south side from the Roc del Rombau ridge. Views over Peramola, Oliana and the Segre valley. A path to the summit of Roc del Rombau seems to exist, but we didn't see it.
Part 3: Castell LLebre (30' to 45')

Retrace your steps and take the fork to the east in the direction of Castell Llebre, then begin a long, steep descent through the forest on a track that is always stony and slippery, to reach the rocky outcrop at the very bottom that houses the Castell Llebre church. You can enter the grounds, but the church is closed. Climbing up to the left of the church, you can enjoy a superb panorama of the dam and Lake Oliana.


Leaving Castell Llebre, return to the main track and head south. The track then skirts the Roc del Rombau to the east, then skirts its cliffs to the south. The path is more or less flat, with a few undulations. Finally, you come back under Can Boix. Climb back up, still following the track, to return to the starting parking lot.

Map & topo

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