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Via ferrata Roca Narieda, Figols i Alinya, Alt Urgell

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Between Seu d'Urgell and Oliana, above the Segre valley that crosses Alt Urgell, the Roca Narieda via ferrata crosses a series of large walls forming the western foothills of the Tossal de Balinyo. Long, demanding and aerial, the route comprises 2 parts, a first, not-so-obvious family section (K3) and a second, more physical and technical section (K4) with the original climbing of a twisted ladder where balance and placement are required. A large-scale ferrata to try and make up for Regina, in a superb setting despite the slight drawback of the proximity of the C14.

Dans la traversée au dessus de l’échelle

Technical summary

■ S tarting point: just before the village of Figols, Alt Urgell, Catalunya, Spain
Type of route: via ferrata with a family section (K3) and an optional sports section (K4)
■ Direction: west
Equipped length: 1120m
■ Vertical rise: +450 m
Estimated total time: 1h30 to 2h
■ Min and max altitude: 550 m / 1120 m
Equipment in place: excellent, rungs sometimes quite far apart, chains, 2 footbridges, 1 sign bridge and 1 Nepalese bridge. 3 small suspended wooden platforms
Equipment required: standard equipment

Difficulties: the family route is rated K3 (optional start in K4 at least!), the sportive K4. Several small overhanging sections or sustained vertical pitches. Climbing the ladder requires balance and repositioning, but without too much difficulty.

Access to the place

On the C14 between Coll de Nargo and Organya, turn east and cross the bridge over the Segre towards Figols and Alinya. Just after the bridge, follow the road to the left towards Figols. Just before the village, there is a large parking area on the left-hand side. The approach starts from the other side of the road.

Itinerary description

Hiking to the start 20' à 30'

From the parking lot, cross the road and walk slightly uphill on the sloping road, which becomes a track at the first bend. Walk straight towards the large cliff, due south. Further on, you'll find the fork to the right to reach the start of the ferrata (signposted). The route descends a little into the woods, then crosses over to the south-west. You'll find the start under a small wall with the official information panel.

Course 2h à 3h

1st family part (K3)

A short, sporty option is offered by starting off a little to the right: this is a traverse on an incline to get around a rocky spout. There's no better way to warm up in a hurry: this is K4, or perhaps a little more, given that we're starting out cold...

The normal start is via a ladder or optional vertical wall. Just above this is a mini-bend to cross to reach the 1st footbridge. This is followed by an easy transition section and then a large, almost vertical wall leading to a small monkey bridge. The rest of the climb is easy (K2), with a number of small jumps.

This brings us to the end of the family section, with a possible return to the left and the start of the sports section to the right.
2nd sporting section (K4)

Walk a little uphill to the right to soon find yourself at the foot of the 1st difficulty: a sustained vertical pitch followed by an aerial traverse and then a second sustained section that leads to the 2nd footbridge. At the exit, there's a wall, then you walk over it to reach a large inclined slab that becomes increasingly vertical. Above, an easy traverse leads to a long Nepalese bridge.

On the other side of the bridge, walk along a path that leads back over the bridge and under the large orange walls and twisted ladder that can be seen. Climb a slab, then tackle the ladder, balancing and positioning yourself to avoid going under. Once off the ladder, the route tackles a short vertical section, then veers off to the left for a long traverse over the orange overhangs. The traverse is very aerial, the rungs sometimes far apart, but not too difficult except for 1 or 2 slightly overhanging steps along the way. We end up on a mini wooden platform suspended in mid-air.

Above the platform, it's back to vertical, a cambered step with a recovery. Then we step onto the earth, and link up with another traverse to reach a 2nd mini-suspended platform. Then it's on to the last difficulty: a long, very vertical section with a slightly overhanging passage leading to the 3rd mini wooden platform. A short section then remains to reach the top of the walls, where the via ferrata ends.


Follow the cairn-marked path uphill to the east to reach an upper plateau. Here you cross the path that leads to the Tossal de Balinyo on the right. Go straight downhill towards Figols. Further on, the path twists and turns down steeper slopes until it reaches Coll d'Escala. Turn left onto the track, taking the shortcuts marked in yellow to return to the starting parking lot.

Map & topo

The route of the ferrata is approximate. Voir en plein écran



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