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Basender, Sierra de Guara

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Sierra de Guara, eastern zone, Rio Vero basin. This canyon, one of the local classics, is very busy, so get out early in the morning or late at night. If the canyon is dry, the descent is easy and very accessible, making it an ideal introduction to the magical environment of the Guara canyons. The exit is made by crossing the Rio Vero, which may require you to pass through water. An original variation on the route allows you to cross with a lifeline to complete a 20-metre spider-wire abseil in a large dark room. Possibly combined with something else in the area.

Technical summary

Location ✦ Lecina
Region ✦ Sierra de Guara, Aragon
Country ✦ Spain
Type ✦ Dry canyon
Vertical rise ✦ 90m
Distance ✦ 700m
Max abseiling ✦ 15m


Topo du Basender sur Descente Canyon.

Access to the place

From Leida (A2) continue towards Huesca. Just before Huesca, turn right towards Abiego, then Bierge, and head for Colungo on the A-2205. After the village, continue north towards Arcusa. Before the village of Lecina, the road begins to approach the rio Vero canyon, and the first large parking lot on the left is the Portiacha car park. Stop at the next, even larger car park, the start of the Basender and also of the descent into the rio Vero canyon.

Map & topo

Itinerary description

Hiking to the start 20'

From the parking lot, descend to the Rio Vero and cross the small bridge. Take the path that climbs to the left and, a little further up, forks to the right for the Basender. Climb up until you reach a flat section that runs along the top of the canyon. Follow this path as it descends a little, eventually reaching the head of the barranco. Turn sharply left to start the descent along a path which becomes steeper and leads, after a small step, to a small room where you'll find the 1st abseil.

Course 1h à 1h30

The canyon is fairly easy, with a small gradient and good equipment. The only problem is the crowds!

1st part

A 1st abseil of 10m without difficulty, then a path that turns slightly to the right to find a 2d abseil of 4m, followed by a small canyon full of vegetation to cross.
2nd part

2 options here: either link up 2 inclined abseils of 10m each to reach the main hall, or follow a ledge equipped with a lifeline on the right flank for around 50m to do a 20m spider-wire abseil at the foot of the same main hall.
Part 3

The next part of the climb is in a very steep part of the barranco. Further on, an attractive 10m abseil is followed by a step to be de-scaled. You're now almost under the rock. Continue on to find a small 3m abseil and then the final 14m abseil, which lands us in another large room overlooking the Rio Vero.


Climb up the Vero, crossing the rio a few times. Further on, at the level of a small, impassable dam, a path twists up the left-hand slope and you reach a fork to the Basender. To return, descend to the Vero and cross over a bridge to the other side. From here, you don't need to climb back up to the starting parking lot.

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